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Chi Gong


September 16, 2023    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Temple Space
707 W 47th St., Kansas City, MO, 64112

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Join Mikey for an introduction to Chi Gong as he teaches The Eight Pieces of Brocade, The Marrow Washing Classics and more! These famous Chi Gong exercise sets have the power to improve your health and well being. Chi means lifeblood and energy, Gong means work and effort. Put it together and you have an ancient method of healing the body by increasing blood flow, focusing the mind and creating vitality!


Traditional Chinese Martial Arts have been Mikey’s life for thirty years. He has immersed himself in studying, practicing and teaching several systems of Kung Fu, such as Wu Style Tia Chi, Tai Xu, Shaolin Animal Boxing and more. Mikey has studied with great mentors and won over 40 medals in international competitions. As a teacher, Mikey strives to meet people where they are in life, allowing everyone to share in the beauty of Kung Fu

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