There are many ways to feel a part of and support the Temple community.

We can create a better world for ourselves and others as we work together to manifest our dreams!

Experience the joy of serving others by becoming a volunteer at Unity Temple on the Plaza. Choose from a wealth of activities and services to spread the love and become involved in the rich community life at Unity Temple.

Greet & Help

  • Receptionists:Greet people, answer phones, and assist the Temple staff
  • Greeters:Greet and welcome people and direct visitors to their desired locations at Unity and Temple Buddhist Center Sunday Services
  • Ushers:Hand out bulletins, collect offerings and guide visitors at Sunday Services
  • Sanctuary and Charles Fillmore Chapel Helpers:Organize pew racks for the sanctuary or chapel during the week or before or after services
  • Service Assistants: Pre-Service and Post Service set up and tear down for Temple Buddhist Center Sunday services
  • Media Assistants: Livestream services and assist with social media
  • Socialites:  Set up beverages and cookies for Community Time on Sundays before and after Unity and Buddhist Services

Love, Guide & Sing

  • Prayer Team:Confidentially pray for others at home weekly
  • Youth Team:Support our Unity Youth and Temple Buddhist Center Youth one or more Sundays a month
  • Singers:Sing in the Chancel Choir during the Unity Sunday Service
  • Chaplain Ministry:Be trained and commissioned to pray with people during Unity services, make pastoral calls, and home and hospital visits

Serve & Shine

  • Reception and Holiday Helpers:Assist with the preparation of receptions and events
  • Mail Team:Assemble mailings for Temple holidays and events
  • Garden Fairies:Nurture and plant our outdoor landscaping

 Check out www.shaklee.net/secondhelpings! For each dollar spent at this Shaklee site, Unity Temple receives a donation as a portion of the amount.

 Please contact Christine Garvey at 816-561-4466 ext. 109 or  Christine@unitytemple.com for more information on Unity Volunteer Opportunities

 Please contact Victor Dougherty at 816-561-4466 ext. 115 or VictorDougherty@unitytemple.com for more information on Temple Buddhist Center Volunteer Opportunities

Helping Hand

During these difficult times, the Helping Hand Program at Unity Temple on the Plaza is providing a hearty lunch from... MORE >>>