Christenings and Spiritual Blessings

Christenings and Spiritual Blessings

The Unity Temple Christening Ceremony recognizes and honors the Divine Nature of the child and celebrates his or her existence in the family and in the world. Often parents offer Godparents to help the children along in their faith and in life. Unity’s Christenings don’t recognize original sin or the belief that a ceremony is needed to guarantee a child’s entrance into heaven.

A Unity Temple Spiritual Blessing is similar to the Unity Christening except it doesn’t include any religious dogma. The child or adult comes from God, the Universal Spirit, and is acknowledged as such.

Christening and Spiritual Blessings may be performed in any of our three chapels or during a Sunday Service with the congregation present to welcome the child and the family.

For more information or to schedule a Christening or Spiritual Blessing, please contact Duke Tufty at 816-994-8000.





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