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Unity Temple is a place where diversity is praised, and peace and harmony are the rewards

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Current News:

Join us Sunday, September 6 at 10:30am (Reverend Nhien Dougherty speaking)

Our Mission is to be a continual source of nourishment for the increase of spiritual awareness by providing support and encouragement to the people of the community for the increase of peace and harmony in their lives and to encourage the people who come to this center to collectively join together to further the peace and harmony in the world.

All Call New Member Spiritual Blessing

Sunday, September 13, 10:30am

Would you like to become a Member of Unity Temple? We welcome you to join our spiritual community on Homecoming Sunday at the 10:30am service. There are no requirements other than your desire to belong to a community where diveristy is praised, and peace and harmony are the rewards.

Membership forms are available in the Lobby.

For more information, contact Christine at christine@unitytemple.com or 816.994.8009.

Annual Homecoming

Sunday, September 13, 11:30am - 1:00pm, Meyer Hall

This summer marks the 67th Anniversary of Unity Temple on the Plaza!

Come celebrate the continued success of one of Kansas City's premier beacons of hope and inspiration.

Join us for our annual celebration! There will be hamburgers, hotdogs and veggie burgers grilled outside and games, music, cakewalk and more!

Volunteer your time and/or bring your favorite side dish or dessert to share. This also marks the return of our very talented Chancel Choir.

For more information, contact Christine at christine@unitytemple.com or 816.994.8009.

Also for all the Chiefs fans, the game will be shown on the big screen in Temple SPACE at Noon!


 Enjoy a Free Week of Unlimited Yoga and Fitness Classes!  Go to KCFitnessLink.com to view the class schedule and all of the great classes being held here at Unity Temple as well as other locations. 

UPDATE: Please read the following about our new Solar Panels

Solar Roofing Comes to the Plaza at Unity Temple

August 4th,2015/Kansas City, MO - One of the last buildings completed on the Country Club Plaza nearly 70 years ago is one of the first to go green in a very major way and at a very big cost savings in what might be the summer’s hottest bargain.

This July, Unity Temple at 47th and Jefferson began harvesting the sun’s rays with the installation of an extremely high end, high efficiency solar roofing system. Through the miraculous intervention of incentives, rebates and leasebacks, and a glorious collaborate effort among several parties, Unity paid $25,000 out-of-pocket for a package valued at $225,000. And far from a close-out item, this system has a life span of 25 years.

The system’s energy capture capability translates into a $700 monthly savings on electrical bills and $400,000 over the life of the system including projected costs of traditional roof maintenance, continued utility rate increases and inflation. Soon, you can watch the energy savings roll in on the chic new monitoring system, the size of a mid-sized laptop screen, to be installed in plain sight in the Unity lobby. 

In addition to the price savings, it’s a big step in reducing Unity’s carbon footprint.  According to the system’s installer, Solar Rich Power, the solar system will offset:

  • 9,000 pounds of CO2
  • 639 pounds of sulfur dioxide
  • Nearly 900 pounds of nitrogen oxides

And that doesn’t even include all the trainloads of coal that won’t have to hauled here.

“When the idea of becoming more environmentally friendly first came up, the focus was on the financial end of it: how much money could we save,” says senior minister Duke Tufty.  “Once the research began, we also discovered the difference Unity Temple could make that would benefit everybody. The financial benefits of putting in a solar system are wonderful, but the true blessing comes from knowing we are increasing the quality of life for people and the planet.” That’s very much in line with the Unity philosophy of being a beneficial presence to oneself and to the world.

Being environmentally friendly is a return to the building’s very foundations 67 years ago. “Plaza development had been going on for a while but this land was considered worthless since it was too soft to build on so Charles Fillmore [Unity’s co-founder] got it for a song,” says Duke. “The other developers were excavating some of the limestone from under their properties so they could build their basements, and were paying to have the limestone hauled out to Lee’s Summit. Charles told them that they could dump it on his land for free.  So we ended up with this incredibly solid, basically unshakable foundation. Charles used to say that whether it was your life or your building, the foundation was the most important thing.”


While the building’s foundations are rock solid, the roof was another matter.  It had been leaking in various areas at various times for years, but bids for solar and traditional roofing remained in the six-figure range, aka, out-of-reach.  Duke credits Unity member Vincent “Ace” Wagner, who served as volunteer coordinator of the building committee, with bringing the project forward and to fruition at a critical time.

The former president of a buildings material company, Ace knew who contact and what questions to ask. He quickly found a solar consultant with several years’ experience as a designer and solar advocate who became a major part of the project [see below].  Ace, now an executive business coach, also served as communications liaison, translating complicated project details from the roofing, solar design and solar installation companies to Unity staff and other building committee members. This left the companies more time to meet a very accelerated deadline before certain rebates integral to the project’s viability expired on June 30of this year. 

“Unity has this system today because of the convergence of lower solar prices along with KCPL rebates and federal tax credit,” says Ace. “Together this made for an incredible business opportunity, cost reductions and the simultaneous greening of Unity, which is the overall objective of theirs.” 

The greening of Unity began more than a year ago with the installation of LED lighting in one section of the building. This past March, more LED went into the main sanctuary, reducing energy consumption there by 75 percent and virtually eliminating maintenance costs for the next 5 years.  Where the sanctuary once operated at full capacity using 50 circuits, it now uses 13 with plenty of additional amps for future capacity. That’s an important consideration for a room that hosts musical performances, graduations, weddings, book signings and national speakers including U.S. presidents in addition to Unity’s own services on Sundays. 

The next step in going green, says Duke, is a new HVAC system that will allow for better and more regulated climate control throughout the building and lead to greater energy efficiency. Work is under way on that project. 


Despite all its high tech energy harvesting abilities, Unity Temple’s new solar roofing system looks deceptively simple: row after row of shiny 3’ x 5’ panels basking like poolside sunbathers on small plastic racks tilted slightly skyward atop a gleaming white roof.  But each of those 246 panels has 60 photo voltaic cells capturing direct currents of irradiant energy from the sun.  Each panel also has its own  micro inverter that changes the DC currents into alternating currents that are then sold to KCP&L to offset energy costs in the 65,000 square-foot building.  That’s it, there’s very little else to be seen save for the occasional and unobtrusive silver tubing that carries the converted energy to the equally unobtrusive KCP&L boxes on the side of each roof level.

But the fact that roof is on different levels, and no less than six of them, made the Unity project a challenge, as did the way its electrical system was built, says Bob Solder, managing partner of Solar Design Studios. Bob donated the design time for the Unity project, selecting that deceptively simple-looking system because of its ability to “perform better in a small amount of physical space, and because the micro inverters provide for more energy harvest and production.  Royals Stadium has a solar array that uses this type of inverter.

“The highest roof is over the main sanctuary, and to the side of it are two lower roofs, a roof above the classroom space, and another above the manse and one over the front,” he says.  “We had to put together the solar array in a manner to accommodate this.” Of the six roofs, four have solar panels, one of the other ones does not have sufficient sun exposure and the other accepts drainage from a higher roof. 

Before a single panel went in, these roofs needed to be repaired and some small sections replaced. Go 1 Roofing worked weekends and after hours to keep the project on the timeline. The next step for Go 1 was to apply a relatively newer type of white coating material, sandwiching mesh wiring in between layers to create a seamless white membrane that reflects the heat and covers all the roof levels and junctures. Without a leak-resistant base solar panels would have to come off and be re-installed to make repairs in the future.

With the roof base finished, Solar Rich Power spent June on the installation.  Solar Rich, which has collaborated with Bob’s company on other projects, also assisted with the financing by essentially leasing the system to Unity for a five-year period in return for tax rebates, which Unity can sell but not use since it is a not-for-profit.  At the end of five years, Unity owns the system.   

While the rebates and tax credits were essential to the Unity project, Bob says he believes solar can stand on its own merit as utility rates continue to increase and improvements in solar technology continue to bring costs down. 

To date, we have 226 people who have pledged with a goal of 300 total pledges. The total dollar amount pledged is $633,949.37

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have already pledged, if you haven't yet made a commitment to REVIVE The Temple, please consider doing so.

We will REVIVE The Temple - Repair, Restore, Renew!

Unity World Day of Prayer

Thursday, September 10, 2015, 9:00am - 5:00pm, Charles Fillmore Chapel.

Join us as we celebrate Unity World Day of Prayer. This year's theme is Pray Up Your Life, Pray Up the World. Unity Temple Chaplains will be available to pray with you.

For a list of activities at Unity Headquarters go to http://www.worlddayofprayer.org/

Join Unity Temple on the Plaza and like-minded spiritual seekers

September 19-26, 2015 for a wonderful Spirit at Sea-Alaska Cruise/Retreat via Holland America’s Noordam.

Together with family and friends, we’ll experience the beauty of nature and inspiring speakers and workshops.

Space is limited, so reserve yours today with a fully-refundable deposit, by calling the “official” reservation line: 800-828-4813.

For more details, visit www.UnityTempleSpiritatSea.com. For every person referred by Unity Temple who takes the cruise, the Temple earns $200.

To view a couple of short videos about the Cruise click here or click here

Serenity Pause™ Meditation, 7 DAYS A WEEK - 365 DAYS A YEAR, 12:10pm to 12:40pm and 5:30pm to 6:00pm, Myrtle Fillmore Chapel, Includes instruction and discussion.

What is it?

Serenity Pause™ meditation sessions are available to people from all walks of life and from all religious backgrounds and spiritual traditions. These sessions are offered daily at scheduled times throughout the week, making it easy for you to drop by and drop in to a place of peace and serenity - away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. No previous meditation experience is necessary. Each meditation time includes meditation instruction, time to sit, and time to discuss. Both chairs and mat/cushions are provided. All Serenity Pause™ meditation sessions are offered on a love offering donation basis.

Space is available for individual meditation Mondays - Saturdays from 10:00am to 9:00pm.


Bible Interpretation Class.... Let's Get (Meta)-Physical!

Sundays, 9:00am - 10:00am

Classroom D

 Come join Revs. Sandra Campbell and Laura Barrett Bennett for an enlightening and inspiring journey through the Gospels and how they relate to our lives today. Sunday mornings, 9am, in Classroom D. It's not your typical Bible study. 

For more information, contact Rev. Sandra at sandra@unitytemple.com or 816.561.4466 ext 125

Spiritually Speaking

Sundays at 9:00am and 11:45am

Heritage Room

Join together with others to share spiritual insights, questions and comments. If you are interested in Unity Principles in general and/or Unity Temple in specific, this group is for you.

Religions of the World

Sundays, July 19 - August 30, 2015, 9:00am - 10:00am, Manse Living Room.

In each of our informal classes we will explore a different religion. Join us as we present guest speakers, videos, music, colorful demonstrations and questions & answers relating to Religions of the World.

July 19: Judaism

July 26: Sikhism

August 2: Christianity

August 9: Buddhism

August 16: Islam

August 23: Taoism

August 30: Native American Tradition

Facilitated by Barbara Bodinson and Sharon Kelly

For more information, please contact Sharon at 816.561.4466 ext 117

Morning Joe

Sundays, 9:00am - 10:00am

Meyer Hall

Would you like to meet people in our community in a relaxed, casual setting? Join us on Sunday mornings for open conversations. Grab a cup a of coffee and meet other like minded people.

For more information, please contact Christine at christine@unitytemple.com or 816.561.4466 ext 109

Please click here for a complete list of VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES at Unity Temple on the Plaza.


Every Sunday, at 9:00am and 10:30am, join us for meditation instruction along with a short practice and lesson. Chairs, mats/cushions provided. No experience necessary. For more information, contact Nima at nimajanettaylor@gmail.com.

BRING THE KIDS! Children's Meditation, Sundays: 9:00am - 10:00am and 10:30am - 11:30am, Myrtle Fillmore Chapel, Ages 5-15. Looking for a space where your child can learn to meditate and grow? Temple Buddhist Center's Children's Meditation is that place. Bring your child for fun, art and meditation!

Kids, bring your parents for the adult meditation class across the hall!

For more information: Matt Foster matthew@unitytemple.com or 816.561.4466 ext 127

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