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Garden Fairies

Sunday, November 5th, Daylight Savings Time ends and the clock “falls back an
hour”. It is also the Sunday to remember your Garden Fairies by bringing in your “Good Fortune
Boxes” or hand over your pocket change (and dollars). Some Garden Fairies will be in the lobby
to take your donations..
And/or you can use this link to help us maintain our beautiful corner on the Plaza.

Every month, except while the garden is sleeping, the Garden Fairies plant, weed,
water, cut, trim, dig and maintain our gardens. Every Spring and Fall, the Garden Fairies use the
time change to remind you to donate your change to the Garden Fairy Fund. You can help, even
if you don’t want to dig in the dirt, by making a donation today. We appreciate your support!
100% of the change collected goes to maintaining the beautiful Unity Temple Gardens. The
gardens need rain, sun, love, rest and your continued support.

If you decide you also want to dig in the dirt, we are always looking for more Garden Fairies to
join in our beautification efforts. Contact Cassie Bender,