Writing Workshop with Pat Berge

Monday, November 9 | 3pm | Classroom B

Sometimes dreams do come true. Pat Berge‚Äôs dream is to bring storytelling and writing alive to small, intimate circles. Pat, while studying for her MFA under Professor John Schultz at Columbia College, Chicago, found John had a dream, too. 

It came alive in workshops of up to10 students at a time, sitting in a circle. Students were coached to see a moment happening in a place in their minds, and then tell that story to the group. Once stories flow around and across the circle, they can easily be captured on the page or the screen. This became the Story Workshop Method.

Pat Berge now offers that possibility to you. Storytellers and writers can tell their way into journals, letters, poems, or just a note to a good friend.

Love Offering

This class meets monthly on the 2nd and 4th Monday.

Additional dates: 08/10/20, 09/14/20, 10/12/20, 11/09/20


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