• Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett will be speaking at the Unity Sunday Service on August 18
  • Special Music by Jerome Johnson and The Temple Singers

Breathe in the future, breathe out the past

Serenity Flow

Sunday, August 4 | 10:30am | Temple Space

Join us for Serenity Flow: a new approach to Sunday morning as we blend yoga, live music, meditation and Satsang (message) for a truly unique spiritual experience.

Attuned to the integrative energy of sound, live music by seasoned musicians accompanies this morning yoga practice. Awaken your senses with a smooth, flowing sequence of yoga poses.
Linking poses with deep breathing is like coming home to your body, welcoming your spirit into its temple, naturally balanced and calm.

Learn techniques from many traditions as we explore the vast inner landscapes in a safe, tranquil environment, connecting with each other in consciousness.

Drawing from the rich tradition of teachings from eastern philosophy and western psychology the message each Sunday will be a practical application that can inspire and enrich your daily life.

******************* Childcare available!! ************************

********** Beginners welcome! Bring your yoga mat! ***********

********** Suggested Love offer $15 Register at door ***********

Come on an empty stomach with stretchy, comfortable clothing.


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