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Self Sabotage - A Two Hour Experience to Shift Consciousness

Saturday, April 4 | 1:30pm | Classroom A

SELF-SABOTAGE a 2-hour experience to shift your consciousness

• A more joyful, compassionate & sustainable approach (by not using control, force, or even willpower).
• Directly transform self-sabotaging thoughts & emotions.
• Move forward, explore, and step into all that you are - regardless of perceived imperfections.

If you often struggle with yourself to overcome and to improve, Leela will present a different approach intended to help you come out of struggling, judgment, and worrying. Learn to view self-sabotage as an opportunity to deepen and shift your consciousness. A group Dalian Method session will support transformation of self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions and connect you to your inner consciousness. The resulting shift in consciousness will guide you on how to move forward.

** The Dalian Method (DM) is a ground-breaking & life-changing guided process that involves expression of thoughts & a breathing technique. It was created by Mada Dalian and can be done with a trained facilitator such as Leela or purchased to use on your own.**

Make a list of all the self-sabotaging patterns you struggle with. Pick one from your list that you want to focus on during this workshop. Bring your chosen pattern and your entire list with you.

  • Dress comfortably (minimize makeup)
  • $25  (must be at least 17)

For questions Leela can be reached at 281-740-8091 or Leela@LeelaHaris.com

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About Leela:

Leela’s passion for facilitating fellow seekers came when she healed her struggles with trauma, adhd, depression, and anxiety. As owner of Expanding Consciousness she supports individuals in the areas of Intuition, Expression, and Inner Empowerment.



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