Puffin MVP (Military Veteran Program)

Saturday, November 9 | 1pm | Charles Fillmore Chapel


 The Hemp Haus in Conversation with Dr. Emek Blair of Puffin Hemp

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Charles Fillmore Chapel


Just in time for Veterans Day, The Hemp Haus will welcome Dr. Emek Blair of Colorado-based Puffin Hemp, to discuss his Puffin MVP (Military Veteran Program). The event will include a reception from 12-1pm, followed by a discussion with Dr. Blair from 1-3pm.

Earlier this year, liposomal hemp manufacturer Puffin Hemp provided $20,000 in product to kick off Puffin MVP, the company’s military veteran program that provides free and reduced-cost CBD to veterans in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“Serving the men and women who have served and sacrificed so much for our country is an incredible honor,” said Blair, chief scientist and founder of Puffin Hemp. “Through our research, cannabinoids are proven effective at increasing the quality of life for patients, whether it be emotional stability, sleep improvement, mood enhancement, or all, the benefits are truly remarkable.”

The Hemp Haus, a web- and Kansas City-based CBD store that consistently strives to educate the public about cannabinoids, is a master distributor of the Puffin Hemp Liposomal brand.

“Not only does it meet the standards for quality and effectiveness that we require from a CBD product in order to put it on our shelves and put it in our bodies,” said Eric Oligschlaeger, one of The Hemp Haus founders, “it’s unlike any other CBD product, because Dr. Blair’s liposomal formula can act more powerfully and more immediately.”

Dr. Blair and The Hemp Haus team will be discussing the unique science behind Puffin Hemp Liposomal CBD, and how it has proven, in research, to help manage many of the symptoms of PTSD.

The Hemp Haus provides only high-quality, tested, full-spectrum CBD and cannabinoid health and beauty products. Many of their select brands are industrial hemp-derived and contain .3% or less THC. This minimal, non-intoxicating amount of THC is necessary in order to create the superior entourage effect of full spectrum CBD. Products that do not include THC are also available. Industrial hemp products are legal per the 2018 Farm Bill.

Headquartered in its state-of-the-art cGMP lab in Colorado, Puffin Hemp™ is a hemp manufacturer specifically GMP certified to produce liposomal hemp. The respectable, consistent formula is taking the industry by storm. Be a part of the revolution in hemp active delivery.

For more information, contact The Hemp Haus: 1708 W 39th Street, Kansas City, MO / 816.200.2902 / www.TheHempHaus.com

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