• Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett will be speaking at the Unity Sunday Service on August 18
  • Special Music by Jerome Johnson and The Temple Singers

Insight Meditation

Thursday, August 15 | 7pm | Classroom C

Insight Meditation liberates us from the bondage of our conditioning. Through moment-to-moment awareness of the body-mind process, the mind gradually sees more clearly into the nature of itself. Such clear seeing leads to freedom from attachments and allows us to open to a path of wisdom and compassion. This practice, also known as vipassana, originated 2500 years ago with the teachings of the Buddha and is still a vital part of the Theravada Buddhist traditions of Southeast Asia.

Beginners and experienced meditators alike are invited to sit with us.
A period of meditation, a Dharma talk and group discussion are included in most sessions. Individual instruction is given as needed.

For more info visit unitysangha.org, Robertbrumet.com 

or call Temple Buddhist Center at 816-994-8015


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