• Annual Youth Excellence Sunday Service on November 17
  • Special Music by the Youth of Unity, Ron McCorkle, Hayden Smith and Robert Pherigo
  • Robert Brumet is speaking at the Temple Buddhist Service on Sunday November 17

Eating the Moment

Tuesday, September 24 | 6:30pm | Classroom D

Mindful eating is a way to rediscover one of the most pleasurable things we do as human beings. It also is a path to uncovering many wonderful activities that are going on right under our noses and within our own bodies. Mindful eating also has the unexpected benefit of helping us tap into our body's natural wisdom and our heart's natural capacity for openness and gratitude.

 We will learn together how to liberate ourselves from patterns of conditioning that have been repeated for many years, even many generations. We begin with mindfulness exercises. These exercises, and our group discussions about these exercises, can help us discover hidden thoughts and automatic behaviors. Once we bring them up into the light of awareness these behaviors will change. They may change slowly, but they will no longer have the hold on us that they did when they were operating in the darkness of our unconscious, hidden from the light of our awareness.

 $99 includes all six classes and your copy of Mindful Eating

Facilitated by Ben Janes and Christina Silin

 6-week class - 9/24, 10/8, 10/22, 11/12, 11/26, 12/10


Please use the link below for Eating the Moment ticket/class registration:

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