Connect to Your Intuition - Online!

Tuesday, May 26 | 10am | Online

“INTUITION is to be in tune with oneself, totally in tune with oneself. And out of that tuning, SOLUTIONS ARISE FROM NOWHERE.” - Osho

This class is a live guided online experience to strengthen the connection to your intuition.

Whether intuition is new to you or you are an avid intuitive - all are welcome. Those interested in meditation will also benefit from these experiential practices.

Each class will be lead spontaneously by Leela according to group energy & needs.

Classes are one hour:
- 15 minutes introductions
- 30 minutes guided experience
- 15 minutes sharing/questions

What you will need:

  • A private space where you can relax
  • An internet connection
  • Computer or phone with sound and video

Suggested donation: $12

For questions Leela can be reached at

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About Leela:

Leela’s passion for facilitating fellow seekers came when she healed her struggles with trauma, adhd, depression, and anxiety. As owner of Expanding Consciousness she supports individuals in the areas of Intuition, Expression, and Inner Empowerment.




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