Vesak Retreat

Thursday, May 27 | 10am | Zoom

Knowing the path, and walking the path are two different things. Join us during the celebration of Vesak as we explore how to incorporate the Buddha's prescription for awakening into our daily lives. We will focus on Wisdom, Sila (conduct) and Meditation. Through dharma talks, experiential activities, one to one conferences and meditation techniques this sangha will connect for four days and deepen our understanding of where the "rubber meets the road."
This four-day retreat will be led by Robert Brumet, Nicoya Helm and Victor J. Dougherty. The retreat will be online and begins 10am Wed. May 26th and ends 5pm Saturday May 29th.
Retreat times are:
10am to 8pm Wed – Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturday.
Those attending are asked to keep the noble silence at all times except when speaking with the instructors.
If you live with others, please make arrangements for them to honor your practice or, if possible, find a place where you can be alone the entire time.
Practice format will be similar to residential retreats:
* Alternate periods of sitting & walking.
* Teacher Instruction
* One to one Conferences
* Contemplative movement
(Tai Chi Chih) w/ Lorraine
* Dharma talks
* Access to Resource File
Insight Meditation is a practice that aims to free the mind from the distortions of self-centeredness, negativity, and confusion. Through the intensive practice of moment-to-moment investigation of the body-mind process the mind gradually sees more clearly into the nature of itself. Such clear seeing leads to freedom from the attachments and misconceptions that cause our suffering and allows us to open to a path of wisdom and compassion.
More information, schedule, and advance registration here:
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Additional dates: 05/26/21, 05/27/21, 05/28/21, 05/29/21


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