Thriving In The Midst of Change

Thursday, April 8 | 7pm | Online

Thriving in the Midst of Change  

In this three (3) session series, attendees will learn simple yet effective strategies to empower them to not just survive but THRIVE through change.

Detailed Description:

Change is the only “constant in life” and we don’t always get to choose how it comes about.  Sometimes it’s easy, other times it pushes us beyond our comfort zone, and then there are those occasions when every step seems so damn hard!  Whether it’s a move, divorce, season of the year, unexpected medical diagnosis, child leaving the nest, new job (or job loss), the next stage of life, death of a loved one … change is inevitable. 


Yet all of these circumstances offer an incredible opportunity to gently let go of the old and powerfully embrace the new.  It’s not about just surviving - but thriving in the midst of change.


In this three (3) session series you’ll learn simple yet effective strategies to empower you to:

  • Identify your feelings around a specific life change and what you may be resisting
  • Embrace the lessons and blessings hidden within any change or circumstance
  • Tap into the positive energy within the things you can control
  • Step out into the world in a greater way that supports healthy ways to weather both the steady and unbalanced rhythms and cycles of life

Materials Needed:

  • Blank paper and a pen for taking notes.
  • Approximately 10-15 3”X5” or larger notecards, and scotch or masking tape or safety pins, to use for one of our interactive activities.  In the absence of notecards, cutting regular paper into 3”X5” or larger pieces will work as well.


Lysa Allman-Baldwin is a gifted and sought-after motivational speaker, writer, and workshop facilitator.  Her classes and workshops include practical tools that promote and support good mental health, self-awareness and spiritual growth, interactive activities, and other group elements.  


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Class Fee: $75

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