Spiritual Awareness

Sunday, February 7 | 12pm | Online

with Duke Tufty


A five part series that presents the spiritual principles of the universe.

Lesson’s presented on the first Sunday of each month at Unity Temple’s

10:30 AM streaming service with zoom discussion following the service

from noon to 1:00PM


This week, February 7th, 2021


“Who you are, where you came from and why you are here.”



SPIRITUAL AWARENESS is your pathway to becoming a certified Spiritual graduate with a Master Certification 

 of Temple Institute by earning 25 degrees of completion.  The five lessons from the beginning

series provides 5 degrees of completion and certification as a Spiritual Practitioner . 



Practitioner    5th Degree

Teacher’s       10th Degree

Advisor’s      15th Degree

Associate      20th Degree

Master’s       25th Degree


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Additional dates: 05/02/21


Duke Staff Photo