Opening the 3rd Eye Workshop

Saturday, April 29 | 11am | Temple Space



 Utilize the expansion of consciousness as a gateway to other dimensions of
 Heal your 3 rd Eye.
 Transform self-sabotaging thoughts & emotions in all 7 chakras.
 Learn how to use your gifts joyfully, safely, and responsibly.
Many of us know on some level that there’s so much more to life than what
our 5 senses and cognitive mind can perceive. This workshop is designed to
give you both permission and guidance to safely explore your intuition, your
gifts, and other dimensions.
The processes used are Active Meditation and the Dalian Method*.
No special or specific abilities are required for this workshop. Beginner and
advanced seekers welcome.
*The Dalian Method (DM) is a ground-breaking & life-changing guided
process created by Mada Dalian.
 Workshop begins at 11am and ends at 4:30pm with a lunch and bathroom/drink
breaks as needed.
 $88 (must be at least 17)

You may bring your own drinks/lunch/snacks (there is no kitchen access though). There
are restaurants and a coffee shop nearby.
For questions Leela can be reached at 281-740-8091 or

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About Leela:
Leela’s personal search to heal her trauma, ADHD, depression, and anxiety led her to
explore the depths and causes of human suffering and limitation. The transformation
that arose for her was beyond what she imagined possible. She now serves as an
intuition mentor and Dalian Method facilitator supporting her fellow seekers who want to
Shine in their Intuition & Unique Gifts.