Meditative Painting - Go Deeper Into Yourself

Saturday, October 17 | 2pm | Temple Space

Meditative Painting - Go Deeper Into Yourself

For those who want to:
• Awaken Intuition & Creativity
• Strengthen Self-Awareness
• Have a Supportive Space for acknowledging blocks, fear, or self-doubt
• Enjoy Spontaneous Self-Discovery

Meditative painting is a way of making art in a space free of any kind of critique. There are no ideals to live up to or art techniques taught in this class.  This process places the value on you, your inner experience, rather than the outcome of what you do. Creating in this space of freedom and non-judgment your intuition takes center stage. Uncomfortable thoughts and emotions are also welcome to surface as working with these issues is beneficial to your quality of life.

Meditative painting is intended to help you discern between the joyful flow of your intuition and your interfering and restrictive mind. This practice can be carried into your daily life to help you navigate from a deeper and more fulfilling place inside yourself.

During this class Leela facilitates each person based on their individual challenges, needs, and unique expression.

No meditation or art experience necessary.
*No artistic ability beyond stick figures required*

• $42 (class length is 3 hours, all art materials provided and included in cost)

  • Bring a journal if you wish (optional)

Join us each month on the 3rd Saturday 2-5pm (exception: no class in May)

For questions Leela can be reached at 281-740-8091 or

About Leela:

Leela was inspired to become a facilitator when she healed her struggles with trauma, adhd, depression, and anxiety. As owner of Expanding Consciousness she supports individuals in the areas of Intuition, Expression, and Inner Empowerment.

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