Letting Go with Forgiveness

Thursday, May 5 | 6:30pm | Temple Space

Growing up in perceivably adverse conditions in rural Missouri, Roary developed a curiosity about the deeper meanings of life and journey we are all on. Through a series of fortunate events he became a student of new thought and psychology through Unity Ministers, New Thought Teachers and an extraordinary teacher of Aikido (The Way of Harmony). He brings his experience from Unity, NLP, Coaching, Psychology, Aikido, and Business to help individuals reframe their perspectives on life and human potential to live more confident, spiritual and awakened lives. 
The purpose of this class will be a journey of forgiveness—a journey that includes forgiving others, past situations, as well as ourselves. We will be looking at ways and tools to forgive with empathy, kindness, and gentleness, encouraging us to let go of the pain, anger, and self-blame that we may be holding to find inner release and a renewed sense of freedom.

Additional dates: 05/26/22