'I Hear Your Hands'

Tuesday, March 21 | 6:30pm |

ASL (American Sign Language) class starting Tuesday evening 6:30 - 8 o'clock, meeting in the 
Charles Fillmore Chapel
Come learn the basics of ASL as you develope communiciation skills in order to be able to asssist the non-hearing/hearing impared persons in our community. You will learn  to fingerspell, send and receive communications, and overtime, actually use your hands to 'sign-sing' a familiar song. There are no workbook requiremts as all learning materials will be provided to you for each class. 
Learning sign language can be fun, informative and creative as you venture into the realities of the non-hearing population. And, once you learn more about this form of communication, you will also come to know just how much being able to "talk" with your hands, is appreciated by those who donot hear the world as most. 
The class will be facilitataed by Ron McCorkle and possibily others who are skilled in the technicque of this form of word sharing. This beginning class is schedued to run for 12 weeks, and depending on interests, advanced learning will be offered. 

Additional dates: 03/28/23, 04/04/23, 04/11/23, 04/18/23, 04/25/23, 05/02/23, 05/09/23, 05/16/23, 05/23/23, 05/30/23, 06/06/23