Connect To Your Inner No And Your Inner Yes

Saturday, July 10 | 2pm | Temple Space

Connect to your Inner NO and your Inner YES

• Release painful memories and trapped emotions such as frustration, blame, sadness, hurt, and regret.
• Experience Inner Empowerment and Consciously Connect to your Truth.
• Heal and Open your Heart.

• Say YES to Yourself and to Life!

Most of us have learned to follow expectations since childhood. As a result of outer pressures, we may please expectations, withdraw from life, lack clarity/purpose, or feel frustrated and stressed. This workshop is designed to free you from the effects of your past and conditionings and to discover your individuality and live your life more fully and freely. The process used in this workshop is the brilliant No-Yes Active Meditation created by Mada Dalian and will be facilitated by Leela.

  • Bring paper/pen (optional, but helpful to note your important personal insights & action steps after the meditation)
  • Dress comfortably
  • $25  (must be at least 17)

For questions Leela can be reached at 281-740-8091 or

About Leela:

Leela’s passion for facilitating fellow seekers came when she healed her struggles with trauma, adhd, depression, and anxiety. As owner of Expanding Consciousness, she supports individuals in the areas of Intuition, Expression, and Inner Empowerment.


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