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Youth Curriculum


Whether you and your family attend Sunday morning Unity services, Temple Buddhist Center meditations, or Sunday evening’s U-Nite service, there’s always a place for your children at Unity Temple on the Plaza. Here’s a taste of what we’re up to in our classrooms each week.

Unity Curriculum

Students in our Unity classes are exposed to weekly topics related to four core concepts: Oneness, Diversity, Self-Esteem and Self-Concept, and Service and Community. Lessons explore a “living curriculum,” which means that we don’t spend time memorizing Bible verses or coloring lambs (even though lambs are very cute!). Instead, students learn about connecting the lesson material to their own lives to increase their consciousness, allowing them to become more compassionate, kind, and caring.


TBC Youth Meditation Curriculum

It’s never too early to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and meditation! In our classes for younger students, we combine formal quiet time, movement meditation, children's literature, and other activities to teach students techniques they can use in their daily lives to become more compassionate to themselves and others, more self-regulating, and more mindful of their inner and outer worlds. Our teen class includes meditation and mindfulness instruction, guided practice, and timely discussions to help teens navigate the complexities of their ever-changing lives by relating Buddhist teachings and philosophy to their everyday experiences. 


CREATE! Curriculum

At U-NITE (adults) & CREATE (for kids), families have the opportunity to grow in consciousness--together! CREATE is the name of the Interspiritual Youth Program that we provide in tandem with U-NITE to further this mission. An interspiritual youth lesson aligned with what the adults are learning in U-NITE is offered for children ages 6+. ​