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Sunday Lessons

Dharma and Dogma

09/27/2009 | Janet Taylor

Janet Taylor gives and overview of Buddhism and a comparison with Christianity

To Know Yourself Better

09/20/2009 | Rev. Heidi Alfrey

Rev. Heidi gives an insightful talk about how to let go of our "imposter" self and let the Real (Recovering our Emotional and Authentic Life) us stand up!

The Beginning and New Beginnings

08/23/2009 | Rev. Duke Tufty

Duke Tufty shares how the story of Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden represent our own journey of awakening.

Questions along the Way

08/16/2009 | Rev. Duke Tufty

Duke Tufty answers questions about Unity

Questions along the Way

08/02/2009 | Greg Coles

Ministerial Intern, Greg Coles, shares how to be true to ourselves and to be fully present with others.

Believe in something better for your life

05/31/2009 | Janet Taylor

What do you tell yourself that you don't necessarily share with others? Does your internal dialogue reflect your innate Goodness? Janet Taylor discusses ways to synchronize our internal dialogue wit

Memories - Past and Future

05/24/2009 | Rev. Duke Tufty

Rev. Duke Tufty shares some thoughts on how our thoughts create our reality

Custom creating a spiritual life

05/17/2009 | Victoria Moran

Victoria Moran shares with us how our spiritual life can be our greatest asset and ally during these times of great change

This World - My Home: The People-My Family

05/03/2009 | Rev. Duke Tufty

Rev. Duke Tufty kicks off a great May.

Humor Sunday

04/26/2009 | David Naster

David Naster returns to Unity for Humor Sunday.

Holy Week - Your Life

04/05/2009 | Rev. Heidi Alfrey

Heidi delivers a wonderful service in preparation for holy week