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Weddings and Holy Unions

For more information, contact Christine Garvey at 816-561-4466 X109 or email her at weddings@unitytemple.com

You have come to this moment in your life because of the place you occupy in each other’s hearts. Celebrate that loving place with an intimate, beautiful, sacred ceremony of your design.

At Unity Temple, you are not bound by traditions, doctrines, or dogma; rather, you have the freedom to create a wedding ceremony in which everything has special meaning. We perform weddings for couples of all religious backgrounds as well as those not affiliated with a particular denomination. Ceremonies can be religious or spiritual in nature with the content focusing on your soul connection and the deep love that lies in your hearts.

Our ministers can perform your ceremony at any location you choose, including Unity Temple’s three beautiful chapels:

If you choose one of our chapels, your wedding package includes:

As one of the most important moments in your life, your wedding should fulfill all your dreams, desires, and expectations. We look forward to helping you create memories of a lifetime.

For a personal consultation, call Christine Garvey, at 816-561-4466, ext. 109. Or, for more information, feel free to send an email to weddings@unitytemple.com