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Celebrating Artistic Vision and Spiritual Inspiration

The art of Gallery Hall connects you to a visual universe of wholeness, healing, and spirituality. Our space displays local and international artists who share the inner landscapes, intuitions, and viewpoints of our greater world community. Come and ground yourself in the life and beauty of the individual and the cosmic. And be reminded that we are all a part of the same great work of art.

Open Monday - Saturday
 9:00am to 9:00pm

Sunday 8:30am to 2:00pm

Unity Temple on the Plaza
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February 2017

Artist: Yondenzang Skyung

Inspired by his homeland's soaring snow peaks, seas of green grass, and infinite blue skies, Yondenzang's calligraphy offers all of us in the modern world a respite into simple and profound beauty.

Born a nomad on the grasslands of Eastern Tibet, Yondenzang joined the monastery as a young man to receive intense instruction in Buddhism, Tibetan grammar, Yoga, and Sacred Arts.  Among the curriculum was calligraphy, taught as a way to beautifully present and protect the written Dharma.  Yondenzang took immediately to the slow and meditative practice of committing holy images and words to paper.  Some of his works remain traditional and classic to Tibetan calligraphy, and some are more modern and original.  He has experimented with artful representations of Buddhist teachings and mantras, and also of universal sentiments of peace, joy, equanimity, and mindfulness. It is his hope to convey this commonality among all humankind and their traditions.  


Artists interested in exhibiting their work at Unity Temple can contact

Gallery Hall Director, Barbara Bodinson at barb@unitytemple.com